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Here is the video from the unboxing and the first impressions:


Following is more detail on what I found out and also a gallery of pictures of my Harley Benton SC 550 Lemon Drop.

Unfortunately that beauty is currently not available in the Thomann store anymore.

I am really wondering if this was a mistake production run because my box came with a label for the “SC 550 Paradise Amber Flame” and was relabled to “SC 550 Lemon Drop” as you can see in the second image in the gallery: (click on the arrows to switch between images)



As you can see in the images the stripes are quite visible on both sides of the body when you look at it straight.

If you just angle the guitar slightly those stripes become less visible.

There is a clear 3D effect but the flame seems not very deep in the wood so this effect is not as strong as in other colors. I suspect the darker tone of the Paradise Amber Flame one gives more visibility to the stripes than this Lemon Drop.

This beauty in Lemon Drop is currently not available in the Thomann store anymore but in Paradise Amber Flame and Faded Tobacco Flame:

SC-550 Paradise Amber:
SC-550 Faded Tobacco:

Please leave a comment on what you think and how your experience with Harley BentonĀ“s are so far.